all rights reserved © Klara Schnieber 2024
2022, aluminium mesh, nylon thread,
3m x 2m x 1.5m
AVU (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague)
photos: Klara Schnieber

Some Remains Comment On Their Own Fate

„At times it seems as if some remains comment on their own fate“. This sentence is a quotation that I came across in a novel by Judith Schalansky. What is fascinating in the form is the contrasting comparison in the same material between smooth geometric form and wave-like form - one gets the impression that the geometric form is about to disappear in the waves of the other state of aggregation. The shiny surface of the wire fabric gives the object a rather fascinating texture. The sculpture is like a drawing, a sketch of an object, it is large but so transparent that one gets the feeling that it is about to dissolve. In this respect, she sees the sculpture as a kind of symbol for what Schalansky means. The net as the remnant of a form is less the transience of the material, more the representation of transience through the association of smoke or ghostliness. The object deals with themes of superficiality in its composition, as well as the contrast between visibility and invisibility, it refers to the visibility of the unseen, the incidental, the overlooked, the forgotten and it wants to figure out something about our gazes.