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PRESTIGE (I), 2021,
sculpture & 4 channel video work,
polystyrene panels, nylon, steel chain, threads, 4 projector,
22:14 min, loop,
Stellwerk Kassel (GER)
photos: Klara Schnieber

Prestige I

The intermedial installation „Prestige“ deals with the decoupling of materiality and time. In the cramped exhibition space, Klara Schnieber looks at different distances that build up between people and their environment. The sculpture works with the elements of suspended ceilings made of Styrofoam. The emerging association of the floating iceberg, which is constantly dissolving under the gaze of all people, forms a relief through the repetition of the forms. Veiled house facades aestheticise the superimposed video installation, although there is a visible discrepancy between romanticised images and visible transience. The interplay between imitating Styrofoam ceiling and preserved facades acts out past architecture. The Styrofoam panel - a thermal and spatial decoupling between people and infrastructure - coquettes in the work with the contemplation of climate protection. The apparent solution of a spatial separation of foamed and pressed oil is misappropriated as an upside-down iceberg to reflect the past as an inverted iceberg to mirror the problem.  The idea of a today‘s society protecting itself from its own demise with innovative structural encapsulations finds a rushing downfall. Even in the apocalypse we will be happy.