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vernished Mdf,
2m x 2.2m x 2.2m,  
AVU (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague)
photos: Klara Schnieber

Blind Windows

Blind windows are a strange architectural phenomenon. Whether they have always been blind or not is irrelevant, but what is essential is that today, as in the past, they serve as decoration. They are simply an illusion. The shapes of light coming in from windows remind me of blind windows. They are also an illusion, but temporary. In the installation they are captured, burnt in - like an imprint - just like a blind window.

What defines a space? Can a skeleton or a structure define a space? I would see my work as an attempt to contrast reality and illusion. Basically, the work is constructively deconstructive. It deconstructs architectural elements in a constructive harmonious way, but still only the skeleton remains like a shell or the idea of an architectural object. This gives the impression that something is missing, just as you miss something when you want to look through a blind window.

A multimedia installation was created in collaboration with Marlene Hessemer. The collective work is an attempt to confront reality and illusion. A quick look, seen and forgotten again. It deals with time capsules, timelessness, states of suspension - and in the process, forgetting is always and repeatedly present.